Matrix keyboard controller „Series mtcon“

We support our customers beyond the production of the pure keyboard also
with the development and production of connexion electronics which we deliver
programmed according to our customers’ specifications.

The keyboard controller series mtcon were developped for serving as an interface module between a control panel and a processing system (personal computer). Their task is the interpretation of a defined keyboard matrix and the transmission of the stored matrix code in serial form.

As a communication interface, the controller supports the PS/2 and USB

Although the controller of the series mtcon are standardised products, it is necessary to adapt the matrix codes to the special needs of the user or the application. This adaptation is effected by programming a specific matrix table during the final mounting of the controller. The definition of this table between the user and our technician is done with the first order. Alternative assembly options for connection to the desired peripheral devices can also  be defined. 

The controller is delivered in an operative condition, only the connection to
the control panel and the PC should be established by a plug-in or soldered
connection. Suitable connection cables (PS/2 and USB) are available as accessories in our program. According to usage site, a cover plate or an
enclosure will be necessary.


Our keyboards can communicate with your application via:

interfaces USB PS/2 RS232
mtcon0812-fp/oW yes yes no
mtcon1220-fp/oW yes yes no
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