Keyboard controller

Keyboard controller

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Numeric keypad made of stainless steel with attachable keyboard controller

  • Controller mtcon0812  
  • equipped and programmed
  • directly attachable on the numeric keypad with 12 keys
  • PS/2- or USB-cable 1,5m long incl. plug
  • 100% tested
  • incl. data sheet

Membrane keyboard with embossing FTLP30576.0002-a and keyboard controller mtcon 1220-fp/oW

Customized product based on standard version (right below),
but customizied circuit board (back view). 

Membrane keyboard with embossing FTTP67638.001 and keyboard contoller mtcon 0812-fp/oW

Rear and front view

Controller mtcon0818-nfp/PS2 for input device FES54519.0001

Made for visualisation station in public zone made of stainless steel. Without optional cover hood on the rear side.

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